7+ Best Torrent Clients For Linux in 2021

Best Torrent Clients for Ubuntu: Torrents are one of the most popular ways to transfer files. With this revolutionary Peer To Peer technology, it becomes easier to send large files over the internet without any issues. You can download all sorts of content on the Torrents network. To download the files and upload the files, we need to have the Torrent Clients for Linux. With the Torrent clients, it becomes easier to download the files with ease. The Torrent clients for Linux acts as the software to send and receive the packets from the clients and nodes.


For the Windows computers, we have a lot of variety of Torrent Clients. But people using Linux always get confused. If you are using Linux, then you don’t have to worry. In this post, we are going to share the list of the best Torrent Clients for Linux, which will be suitable for downloading and seeding the P2P Torrent files.

Best Torrent Clients for All Linux Distributions



Vuze is one of the most popular BitTorrent Clients for Linux. It comes with all the features that are necessary for torrenting and connecting to the P2P network. With Vuze, you can download and share a lot of great content and big files with the P2P sharing technology with others.

With the help of Vuze, you can download a lot of great media content. There is an inbuilt media player, and Media converter, which is pretty helpful to check for the content in advance and also to edit the same according to your convenience. With the Metasearch feature, you can search for various files on the internet that are shared through Torrenting or P2P sharing. Vuze comes with a premium download plan, which provides you with additional premium features. You can download it from the official website.

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When it comes to the lightweight torrent client for Linux, no other software can match the simplicity and elegance of qBitTorrent. I Personally prefer qBitTorrent over the other torrent apps for Linux. It comes with a super simple UI, which is pretty easy to use for even a newbie. Not just that, it has all the features that premium Torrent software has. With Metasearch, you can search torrents on the internet. With downloading and seeding support, you can publish the content on Torrent sites and allow people to download the same.

Not just that, qBitTorrent comes with sequential downloading, priority, Torrent settings, and a lot of great things. If you’ve used BitTorrent on Windows, then you might find the UI of qBitTorrent resembling. You can download and Install qBitTorrent from the Terminal with the following commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:qbittorrent-team/qbittorrent-stable
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qbittorrent




transmission torrent client

Transmission is the default and preinstalled Torrent Client in the Linux Ubuntu. With the Transmission, you can easily download and publish the files on the Torrents network. The transmission client comes with a super simple UI, which is not confusing at all. With the simple UI, Peer Discovery, Full Control over the Torrents, it becomes easier to use this torrent client.

Transmission supports the full encryption support to the Torrent files and allows you to load the third-party torrents. Not just that, if you have the magnet link, then the Transmission client automatically loads the torrents and presents you with the content and other download options. You are provided with the Torrent Tracker editing feature for better download speeds to gain the speed and allow more people to track the specific torrent. You can install Transmission on Linux from the following commands.

Sudo apt-get install Transmissions [Ubuntu and Mint]

sudo pacman -S transmission [Arch Linux]

sudo dnf install transmission [Fedora]

sudo zypper install transmission [OpenSUSE]



Are you looking for a free and open-source Torrent client for Linux? Well, FrostWire is one of the free and open-source clients which is pretty useful for downloading and publishing Torrents. FrostWire comes with a neat UI, which is pretty rare in Linux torrent clients. With the Neat UI and built-in features, the FrostWire is a great option for Linux users. 

FrostWire comes with the inbuild Media player, which helps you to natively play the downloaded media clients. If you are suspicious about the contents of the Torrent, then you can use the inbuilt Media player to check if the media contents. The only issue with FrostWire is that it comes with advertisements that may annoy you. You can buy the Premium subscription of FrostWire to get rid of the ads. 

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Tixati client

Tixati is a hybrid and simple P2P client for Linux, which looks pretty futuristic. With Tixati, you can enjoy all the features that you might expect in the Torrent client. Tixati is an open-source program available for Windows and GNU/Linux computers. Tixati supports DHT, PEX, and Magnet torrent download links, which provide superfast torrent detection and download. With the special Download algorithms, downloading the torrents faster is possible. 

For the added security, Tixati comes with the RC4 connection, which masks your requests and provides you with the safety you need. While using this client, you don’t have to rely on VPN services. The best thing about Tixati is that it comes with a detailed bandwidth management console, which is quite good. You can download Tixati from the official website

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Deluge is one of the sleekest Torrent Client for Linux. It comes with the stunning design and also it’s quite lightweight. Deluge app for Linux comes with all the basic torrenting feature that one can enjoy. The best thing about the Deluge app is that it’s sleek design. Easy integration with the system theme settings is one of the best features of this app. It doesn’t matter which Linux desktop environment you have, Deluge will work perfectly with anything.

Deluge allows users to completely configure the Torrent seeding and leeching. With the full control over the Leechers, Seeders, Ports and Trackers, one can effectively use the P2P system. Deluge can be easily downloaded for Linux, Mac and Windows from the official website.  Alternatively, you can install Deluge on Linux with following command.

sudo apt install deluge




Fragments is another sleek looking simple Torrent client for Linux. if your main aim is to download the torrents, then Fragments works pretty well. It comes with all the basic torrent features like Seeding, Leeching and Trackers management. The simple user interface makes it easier to use the app for the newbie users. Also, this app supports the magnet links, which is a big plus point for such app. Fragment is available as the Flatpak, which might be an issue for some people. To install Fragments on Ubuntu, the users have to enable Flathub on the system and then proceed further. Enter the following command to install Fragments Torrent Client on Linux.

flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.Fragments


Frequently Asked Questions About Torrenting on Linux

Millions of people have misunderstanding about the use of Torrenting. Although many people use it for Illegal stuff, it’s a totally legal to have Torrent apps on Linux. Here are a few commonly asked question about the Torrenting on Linux.


#1 – Is Torrenting Safe on Linux?

Downloading the torrent from official website and the sources is quite safe. Many of the big files and documents need torrenting due to the large file size. So, Torrenting is the only option. If you are downloading torrents from official and trusted sources, then it’s very safe on Linux.

#2 – Is BitTorrent for Linux?

BitTorrent is pretty safe and available for Linux. With the Linux Community pretty vocal about the Torrenting, BitTorrent is for Linux.

#3 – Is Transmission Better than uTorrent?

Transmission is a BitTorrent Client and uTorrent is also an BitTorrent client. The base code for these two clients is same, so they are virtually same. Transmission and uTorrent provide similar performance, except the difference in UI.


Final Words

Downloading the Torrents is legit stuff, but there is a lot of illegal stuff going with using this technology. People are pirating movies, TV series, adult content, and even Games. While sharing this information about the best Torrent Clients for Linux, we expect you to use the same within the legal boundaries and not support Piracy. 


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