Best Educational Linux Distros for Students and Teachers in 2021

Linux Distributions are suitable for everyone, even for the kids. They should be used instead of Windows to give the children the knowledge and love for Linux. But, using the most popular Linux Distributins might be too much for Kids. That’s why the developers have built the Linux distributions that are enjoyable and usable for the kids. With the Education Linux Distros, the teachers, students and the instructors find it convenient to use the system with all the necessary tools. They are the perfect fit for the educational purpose.

The Linux Distros specially made for kids have a lot of preinstalled software that makes children enjoy and learn at the same time, without knowing that they are learning! In this post, we are going to share the list of the best educations linux distros, that are specially made for kids, have the Educational software are easy to use.

Best Linux Distributions for Students and Teachers

Educational Linux Distributions are a necessity for Educational Institutions. With all the software preinstalled, the students can learn and enjoy at the same time without being aware of it. Educational Linux distributions have many advantages over Windows OS. They should be used instead of windows in Educational Institution to give children knowledge about linux and love for linux as well as convenience to use these systems with all necessary tools that make them perfect fit for educational purpose. The best educations linux distros are those that offer free open source, easy to install, provides latest updates, has no limitations on what you can do and is good enough for every day use by teachers and students alike.

#1 – Endless OS


Endless OS is a popular Linux distro for people who are in school. It is based on Debian and uses the GNOME desktop environment. Even though you can only use it on more than five hundred computers in a year, it is free to download. The user interface is easy to use and looks good for computers with no internet access.

With Offline access to Wikipedia Articles, the students find it easier to access the database and complete their homework. Not just Wikipedia, it has a lot of great apps that are helpful for students to complete their homework or the projects.

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#2 – AcademiX GNU/Linux


AcademiX GNU/Linux is a completely Debian based free software operating system designed for schools and educational institutions. It has multimedia support out of the box, enhanced firewall security ,automatic updates. The best thing about it is that you could use it even on non-free hardware because of being based on Ubuntu proprietary components are not used in this operating system.

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#3 – Edubuntu


One of the simplest Linux Distros to use, Ubuntu based Educational version is well known for its simplicity. It is designed keeping in mind Schools and Educational Institutions with all necessary software preinstalled so that no need to install additional software on them. It has a full-featured educational software package Educational Applications, Educational Content and a Customizable interface with a familiar desktop pattern. It is the most popular Linux Distribution for Educational Purpose .

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#4 – Knoppix STD

As its name suggests it’s based on Debian Std System but have KDE as Desktop environment. It includes all basic applications that are needed by student like Educational Applications , Educational Content, Educational Software like Robotics and 3D modeling tools. Edubuntu supports both 32 bit and 64 bit hardware running on Intel based chipsets. But this distro is more stable than any of the Educational Distribution.

#5 – Ubuntu Studio


Ubuntu Studio is a great distro for students & teachers alike . Educational software are preinstalled in it. It is based on debian & comes with KDE desktop environment. Educational Applications are easily found in this distro. It has everything you need to make multimedia projects like Audio Editing, Graphic Designing ,Makers, Programming etc… Just perfect for Educational Institutions who wants their students to learn more than just the regular stuff.

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#6 – Linux Mint Educational Edition

It is a Educational-only version of Linux Mint based on Ubuntu and comes with Educational Applications , Educational Content etc. It is the best as it has complete multimedia support as well as Educational software like GCompris which is perfect for children aged 3 to 10 years. As the base is Linux Mint, it comes with the Cinnamon Desktop environment, which is quite easy to use for the Students. Being similar to the Windows desktop, Cinnamon Linux Mint Educational Edition will be useful for the students and also the teachers.

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#7 – Linux Schools

The benefits of Ubuntu LTS but with extra features suitable for school servers. Linux Schools (or Karoshi Server) is a good choice if you want to set up a server and monitor/control a network of connected computers. It allows you to manage a network of servers using a web interface. To exploit it, you don’t need any specialist knowledge. With access to Ubuntu App Store, it becomes easier to access the Educational Apps that you might need while studying or teaching.

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#8 – Zenwalk Linux Educational Edition

Zenwalk is a light operating system based on Linux that can be installed without rebooting or even using the installation disks. It’s pre-configured with Educational Applications , Educational content etc to make Educational purpose more easy. It’s lightweight distro which is perfect for Educational Purpose. It has Educational Applications, Educational Content , Educational Software etc. pre-installed in it.

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Final Words

Educational Linux Distributions are a great way to get started with Linux. Educational distros of popular Linux versions like Ubuntu and Debian offer Educational Applications, Educational Content and Educational Software that can be used for school-related projects or just as an educational tool in general. You can also use the regular Linux Distribution and install the educational apps in it. It’s your choice to get the linux distribution that aids in your kids study and projects.

Which Linux Distribution do you think is the best Educational Edition? Let us know!